Monday, May 24, 2010

Week 25: Walking

So they say that walking is supposed to be the best thing you can do while pregnant. It's also the quickest way for my low back to start to feel tweaky. I mean, I do it, I walk, but I'd so much rather row, bike, life weights, or do something totally dynamic like a typical crossfit metcon where more of my body is engaged to support the core.

So anyway, despite my griping, I went on a lovely after-work walk with my sweetie. We just meandered around the beach of our little town, maybe 2-3 miles total. It wasn't a huge sweat fest, but it was a nice walk. It's also amazing how much my cardiovascular system resents hills right now. It's like there's so much blood in my system that asking my body to do anything in a sustained cardio mode sends me into light breathlessness so much more quickly than before. An odd feeling.

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