Monday, May 3, 2010

Week 22: 55# of pain

3 Rounds

15 overhead squats #55
15 hang power cleans #55
15 shoulder press #55
15 walking lunges
15 bench dips

So the really sucky part of this was definitely the shoulder presses. I think my non pregnant 1 rep max ever on shoulder press is 105#, and I am definitely NOT in the kind of condition I was in when I pushed that weight up....once! 55# gets heavy in a hurry when you're doing 15 reps after shoulders are already fatigued from holding the bar up for 15 OHS!

The Hang Power Cleans were fun and I didn't run into any problems until I whacked myself in the boobs on the way up. I guess that's the drawback of my new, curvier pregnancy body....I have boobs to get in the way of the barbell! There was no belly-whacking, which is the important thing, but uber-trainer Kevin has forbidden any more HPCs due to the risk of bar-to-belly impact. Bummer, but ya gotta listen to your coach.

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