Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Plan Was A Joke

It was. My idea that I could take my base level of weight lifting from the most active period in my life (5+ hard gym sessions a week) and jump back into that, plus tack on a comprehensive endurance training program to do this tri was just not realistic. My enthusiasm was compounded by naivety, and it turns out my body just won’t do whatever my excel spreadsheet tells it to.
Prob #1: I was sick for two months. Okay, there have been days of not-sick, but for the most part, the entire late winter was shot do to a long-lingering flu variant.
Prob #2: I ignored being sick just enough to push myself into mild injury. Still unsure what went wrong, but after a relatively mild jog (with a good deal more hill climbing than I normally do, granted) my left foot was twingey. It stayed twingey, and actually progressed into limpy after a few hours. So, like a good girl, I stayed off my foot for jogging or cardio sessions. Not enough: one good session of lower body focused lifting and moves like walking lunges on my bum foot caused my opposite hip to get all jinky on me. I’m sure my foot pain caused my form to suffer and in turn put too much stress on the right hip. Twingy foot --> Jinky Hip --> Missed Gym Sessions. In any event, the combo has me layed up again, and to add further insult to the injury, I dropped a bench on my right foot this evening. What is wrong with me?!

Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm Registered for the Danskin!

I was one of the lucky ones: happened to be up at midnight and was able to register. Something like four hours later, the race was closed. Weird how fast it happened. 4000 women REALLY want to do this race. Called D, so she got in, and Hesper's more Easterly time zone gave her a leg up for registering, so she got in.

My sister was not so lucky. She wasn't watching the clock quite as closely and the race was long closed by the time she got online. She and I are thinking of doing the Luna Portland Race, or possibly another race in Seattle thats geared to newbies.

But for now, it's on! We are go for Danskin.