Friday, May 7, 2010

Week 22: Connect the Dots

En route to the Willamette Valley for a birthday get away, Nick and I took advantage of a grassy patch with some well placed trees at one of the rest stops to get our workout on, outdoors and with with on-lookers. What? You never seen two full grown people doing bearcrawls at a highway rest stop before? As I like to say, if they aren't staring, you aren't doing it right.

So, picture a triangle. At the bottom point of the triangle is a picnic table. Some distance from the picnic table are a line of trees, each spaced out diagonally away from the picnic table. We did a series of exercises from the picnic table to the last tree, then ran back to the picnic table, connecting the dots and completing round 1. Make sense? Yeah, it'd be a lot easier to understand if I had an arial diagram. But I don't.

Here's the workout:
5 Rounds:
Picnic table-Tree #1: Bear Crawl (about 36 crawls)
Tree # 1 - Tree #2: Jump Squats (about 12 squats)
Tree # 2 - Tree #3: Walking Lunges (about 16 walking lunges)
Tree # 3 - Picnic Table: Sprint back (about 100 yards)

This got our blood pumping and kept our asses from falling completely asleep on the next leg of the drive.

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